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Root Canal Treatment – What is the Treatment & Its Cost

Fillings, crowns and root canals are common dental treatments, besides other operations. You will get required advice on hygiene and dental care in every case. However, you can easily get in-depth knowledge about various treatment procedures and expenses related to it. Here we provide you a brief insight into root canal treatment in Kolkata…

Root Canal Treatment

People frequently go for root canal treatment. In this treatment, dentists make an opening in the affected tooth and clean the region for preventing the spread of infection. Though the treatment process seems difficult, delaying can worsen the situation further. The longer you take to handle the situation, more time-consuming and expensive will it become. The dentist is the best person to advise on this matter. That is why, you should contact the top dentists in Kolkata for effectual treatment.

Root canal treatment fixes damaged roots or badly infected regions of a tooth. This treatment ensures that your tooth remains intact and restores it so that best oral hygiene is maintained. Dentists remove all the debris from the tooth and restores it to the original position.

Average Cost of Root Canal Treatment

Well, when it is about the costing of root canal, there are certain variables to consider. The root canal treatment cost in Kolkata depends on which tooth to treat and the amount of region to be treated. If a dentist can catch the infection at an early stage, then cost can be less. For severe infection, it requires greater labor and molar are costlier than other teeth. Pricing of treatment also can vary depending on the location of dentist office and your home.

Some Factors Determining Root Canal Treatment Cost

There are certain factors that influence the cost of root canal treatment –

  • Condition of Tooth

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth and want to opt for root canal, then the root canal treatment in Kolkata will be different from the condition if you have swelling and infection. It is because the dentist has to first treat the swelling and infection and then proceed with root canal treatment. In case of severe infection, visit to the doctor also increases, thereby increasing the cost.

  • Type of Tooth

Your type of tooth can also affect the treatment. Front tooth is easier to treat than the molars because of their position in the mouth. Hence, root canal in molars will be costlier than the front teeth.

Hence, before booking an appointment with any dentist, check the root canal treatment cost in Kolkata with some prominent dental services.


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