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Best Dental Clinic in Kolkata

Dental Clinic In Ballygunge

Our dental clinic in Kolkata has earned recognition as a premier provider of top-notch dental
services, dedicated to ensuring our patients utmost satisfaction throughout their treatment

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Ballygunge Unit- The advanced Dental Clinic in Ballygunge!

This is one of the new additions to our old ones. This Teeth Care multispeciality dental clinic in Ballygunge is ready to accept any kind of teeth and gum-related challenges. We are now equipped with the latest equipment and modern technologies with some experts who can decode those technologies like a pro. Here we provide you with some effortless treatments and we are proud to announce that now, we have all types of modern facilities available under one shade. You can come and check sometime and get your teeth checked for a hearty smile.

Teeth Care Multispeciality Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic in Ballygunge. Being a professionally managed and equipped dental clinic, we are the best. We offer dental treatment at affordable rates.

How to visit Teethcare dental clinic or dentist in Ballygunge

To visit Teethcare Dental Clinic or dentist in Ballygunge, you can easily reach the clinic from
various landmarks:

1. From Jatin Das Park Metro Station: The clinic is conveniently located just a 13-minute
    walk or a quick 3-minute drive from the metro station.

2. From Lake Mall: The dentist's office is easily accessible, just a 4-minute drive or a short
    16-minute walk from Lake Mall.

3. From Birla Mandir: A prominent landmark, Birla Mandir, is only a 6-minute drive or a
    pleasant 21-minute walk from this dental clinic.

Whether you're arriving from the metro station, Lake Mall, or Birla Mandir, accessing
Teethcare Dental Clinic in Ballygunge is convenient and easily accessible.

Dental Clinic In South Kolkata

We have been awarded for our dedication as the best dentist in Kolkata that has also been displayed at our clinic from the recognized institutions. We promise to provide you the best dental services at our dental clinic.

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