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How to Take Good Care of Your Dental Implants?

The only method a dentist recommends for permanently replacing missing teeth is dental implants. They are the only form of restoration that can completely replace a missing or damaged tooth, from root to crown. Because dental implants are created to feel, look, and function like natural teeth, patients adore them. They are also low maintenance, needing similar upkeep to that of natural teeth, and are resistant to decay.

Tips for Caring for Your Dental Implants

The longevity of your dental implant and oral health can be ensured by following these tips.

  1. Brush it twice every day

You should gently brush all the angles of your restoration on a dental implant in Kolkata. You would not want your implant post to be visible due to receding gums.

  1. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles

It is recommended that you use a soft-bristle toothbrush to help prevent over-brushing. A sonic, electric, or manual toothbrush – all can be used effectively. Choose the option that works best for you.

  1. Use toothpaste with little abrasiveness

Your crown (and the enamel on your natural teeth) could be microscopically harmed by abrasive toothpaste. This may weaken your crown over time, making it more prone to cracks or chips. In most cases, toothpaste designed to whiten teeth or remove stains is more abrasive than non-whitening pastes.

Look for the RDA rating on toothpaste when purchasing it to determine how abrasive it is. Further, search for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the American Dental Association’s website, which disapproves toothpaste with an RDA rating of more than 250.

  1. Make use of implant-specific floss or unwaxed tape to floss every day

Use unwaxed tape floss or floss made specifically for implant placement to protect your gums and implant post.

  1. Make use of a water flosser

To lessen swelling, stop bleeding, and reach tough spots, use a water flosser. Most of the time, using water to floss cannot replace using dental floss.

  • Utilize an interdental brush with nylon coating rather than metal wire.

  • For cleaning small, challenging-to-reach spaces, interdental brushes are also effective.

  • Make sure that you brush the entire implant’s perimeter.

  • Use a non-metal interdental brush to prevent scratching your implant.

  1. Avoid bad practices

Despite their extreme durability, dental implant crowns are still susceptible to breaking, chipping, and cracking. If you refrain from bad habits like chewing on ice, eating hard candies, chewing pencils or pens and grinding your teeth without using a night guard, your dental implant will last longer.

  1. Stop smoking

Smoking has a terrible impact on your oral health. If you decide to smoke, you put your health at risk for a number of conditions, from cancer to tooth decay.  Smoking significantly slows the healing process after dental implants. Additionally, the gums around the implant become inflamed and weakened. Smoking will also discolor your new implants.

All the problems brought on by dentures are immediately resolved and patients are completely free of dentures with the help of good dental implants. The majority of patients are content with dental implants in Kolkata because they do not require any special care and can continue to lead carefree lives.


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