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Have an Idea of Dental Implant and Its Different Kinds

What is dental implant? It is a tiny screw made of titanium that is fixed by surgery under the jawline within jawbone. This titanium screw blends with the jawbone and forms a solid foundation for restoring tooth. The screw is nothing but a replacement of the root of lost tooth. This titanium screw not only joins the bone like a root but also, conserves and preserves bone structure. Dental implants in Kolkata or any place are artificial tooth roots that support lost tooth and restores teeth and prevents loss of jaw bone. The implantation procedure is a category prosthetic dentistry.

Different Types of Dental Implants

Several companies manufacture elements required for building the restorations or dental implants. As a consequence, dentists have a wide range alternatives to offer specific treatment according to a patient’s requirements. However, you should know that implant treatment and repair should be done by the same doctor. This means, you should not visit one doctor for then treatment and another for repair. The new dentist might not have adequate experience or might not be capable of accessing the materials used by previous dentist.

Dental implants are usually classified according to the method employed – two-stage or single-stage.

  • Two-Stage Implants

In this process, implant is placed into the jaw by surgery and the gum tissue is stitched. A few months after recovering, patient has to undergo a minor operation for connecting provisional restoration and support.

Endosteal Implants – Endosteal implant is a popular two-stage implant procedure. Endosteal implants are placed in jaw bone and as an alternative to removal denture or bridge. These implants include bladed types, smooth cylinder types or threaded screw types.

  • Single-Stage Implants

In this process, a longer implant is surgically installed in the jaw and hence, it remains above jaw bone. The top level is placed on gum tissue which needs to be stitched. In single-stage process, the implant cap is visible. As a result, after recovery, dental clinics in Kolkata fix temporary restoration or abutment without any minor surgery.

Subperiosteal Implants – This is a rare procedure of dental implant. This process is employed for securing dentures in patients having insufficient bone height.

Immediate Dental Implants – This is the most modern implant technology in Kolkata. It is a less time consuming compared to other processes.

So, far as the tooth implant price in Kolkata is concerned, you should do a little bit of research of different dental clinics.


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