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Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Teeth?

The loss of even a single tooth can be catastrophic to the tooth structures around it if you have missing teeth. Beyond affecting a person’s oral health, missing teeth can also be detrimental to their social life. Dental implants are, by far, the most effective long-term remedy for missing teeth. Find out why dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth.

Comfort and natural smile

Dental implants are made of titanium, which easily fuses with the jawbone, and are attached with crowns that resemble real human teeth. They mimic the patient’s natural teeth in every way. Many people may experience a mild inferiority complex when they smile due to a missing tooth. But because of dental implants, the smile appears healthy and genuine. The patient’s confidence is restored as a result!

No risk of dental caries

Titanium, one of the strongest metals known today, is used to make dental implants. In contrast to natural human teeth, they are not prone to tooth decay. So, once your dental implants in Kolkata are properly integrated, there is absolutely no chance that the artificial teeth will ever develop dental caries.

Natural teeth-like chewing experience

Our muscles produce a Masticatory Force during chewing, which aids in reducing the size of the food morsels into smaller pieces. Dental implants have a masticatory force that is equivalent to that of natural teeth, to put it simply. Because of this, chewing food is simple and pain-free. Patients are actually unable to tell the difference in chewing experiences between using natural teeth and implants once the integration process is complete.

Improved oral cavity maintenance

An empty socket and bone remain after a tooth is removed or naturally falls out. If untreated, bone density declines and could lead to more severe oral health issues. A dental implant, however, strengthens the bone and supports the oral cavity when it is inserted. Dental implants thus increase oral cavity maintenance and decrease the likelihood of other dental issues as well.

Retention of natural taste

Dental implants have no impact on the mouth’s inherent ability to taste. They enable the taste buds to function exactly as they did with natural teeth. Dental implants take into account the need for humans to be able to taste the food they consume. It is well known that sliding dentures make it difficult to chew, taste, and even drink liquids. But the patient feels absolutely no pain or discomfort from dental implants.

Preservation of adjacent teeth

Dental implants never make contact with the neighboring teeth unless absolutely necessary. Dental implants help maintain the patient’s overall oral health because they blend in with the natural structure of the patient’s teeth.

Prolonged lifespan

Dental implants are a semi-permanent dental procedure that is reasonably priced. Dental implants in Kolkata are known to last a patient’s entire lifetime if they follow the proper care instructions to maintain their oral health. Dental implants are a medical necessity for a patient’s oral health, not an elective or cosmetic procedure, and so they are also covered by dental insurance. As a result, patients can afford the procedure while also benefiting from its durability.


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